Retconned back into Existence!

Wow! It has been a really long time since I’ve updated this site!


Does that say first published on April 11, 2011?


Looks like I broke my promise of consistent activity! But hey, it’s been a rather eventful two years!


According to DC, that’s 2 Robin internships! It’s crazy! I could have become president!

Welcome back, everybody! Happy to have you all here reading this drivel. If you had no idea about this blog don’t worry, this is the perfect jumping on point! No character history to take into consideration, no back issue continuity messing with your life, and no reality altering punch that somehow managed to bring hundreds of dead characters back to life!

What is this blog all about?

This is essentially my comic book-central collection of my rants.

My raves. Sans the EDM. Molly¬†Refreshments may be available…and provided.

And everything in between!

So if you like bitching about a rather ‘geeky’ subject, you’ve come to the right spot!

I’m real excited for this. I’ve matured (arguably) regarding the medium and my taste has become even more obscure! But don’t worry I still don the cape every now and then (more than I care to admit actually).

This site is for comic fans and non-fans alike that just want to read a different opinion about issues, films, trades, etc. without having to deal with the possibility of being paid off for good reviews.

But…if the Big Two want to…throw anything my way…

PayPal, please.

I also take bribes in the form of comic issues.

Do it.


Enough rambling!

Go ahead and click the link below for some reviews and enjoy yourself! Sound off on my articles with your opinions, thoughts, anything at all really. Open forum, internet freedom, and all that jazz!


– B.

PanelxPanel Comics


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